The contextonomics of an ecosystem of one – The I enterprise

2010 January 30

We are constantly parts of ecosystems created around us – through direct consumption, as targeting objects, as mediators of our social graphs for marketers – but we are almost never equal participants and definately not sharing the benefits of those food chains created  around us.

In an Icentered world, a new kind of enterprise is introduced – ME.   I am an enterprise of one – an ecosystem that consumes, produces and interacts in the digital web.

What does  such an eco system look like and how does it operate?

  • I am a fully equipped enterprise, with all the assets necessary to operate  in the digital world.
  • All the structured and unstructured data about me are in my possession, under my control and managed by me.
  • I have all sort of “machinery” to sustain me in the network –mobile phone, PDA, computer, laptop…
  • I have all kinds of communication platforms to sustain my communication and business propagation – mail systems, social platforms, IM, VoIP, mobile marketing platforms.
  • I am part of a large ecosystem where my friends and colleagues, family members and people I interact with  are also ecosystems of one.
  • All those ecosystems are parts of a much larger ecosystem comprised of  friends, colleagues, peers, providers, distributors, communities, marketplaces, services, media, appliances,….
  • Each one of us, is an Itomic ecosystem.
  • Our role vs. other ecosystems may vary, we may be  providers, consumers, socializers, marketers, consultants – but  in each such case we have some prism of interest or value for other ecosystems.
  • The activation of such interaction of value and interest point is not always proactively initiated by us.
  • The key is context. The context is two folded – the context of the ecosystem that has just been created  ad-hoc, and my relevant context to become part of such an ecosystem.
  •  This key  can be initiated by a search query on a topic both me and some people in my social sphere are interested in, hang-out  event with people in my locality, a content related interaction, a work related team activity….  In each such activity I am part of an eco system.
  • I can be the center of this ad-hoc ecosystem, a close or remote node – but always   within context to this ecosystem.
  • My presence in different value levels in many ecosystems, creates different value points both for me and for that ecosystem.
  • A MeInside  ( to paraphrase the Inte lnside  hardware branded component) element can be in parallel  part of many eco-systems. 
  • This stems from a context based economy model where my different context values in different ecosystems is based on the ability to contextify me as a whole – the principle of contexting people and not the interactions.
  • Various methods can be applied- a proactive  selection of choices of context strings related to me, anautomatic feed, optional pull –  all transparent to create a soft value of credibility. 
  • A context based virtual environment is created. It contains a subjective scale of me within that food chain,  for  each context based interaction.
  • This relativity of subjective values constantly fluctuates, depending on its merit in various context based ecosystems.
  • In order to create a context based economy there is a need in an objective measurement scale that will measure subjective proximity on an objective context scale. These  metrics will allow the creation of context based food chains, marketplaces and monetizations chemes that will become tools of the trade.
  • This scale cannot be owned by any corporation – it has to be owned by the people for privacy and security reasons – various forms are possible .
  • On this infrastructure, a context based monetization system can be built.  The currency does not have to be real – alternative currencies can be context based. E.g.  downloading a movie for  a cheaper rate in exchange of targeted ads. 
  • The principle of exchange – Pay per context, targeted ad, advertisement supported content consumption, my functions may vary –I may get an ad directly as a consumer or  become a distributor, bridge the advertisers’ target market and send it as a reliable source to someone you think may be interested in this information.
  • My social sphere that is to me a social network,  becomes a context based monetized social media distribution channel for marketers and I become a context based distribution hub of  my social sphere  for marketers and advertisers.
  •  In each such instance I am an integral part of the context based eco-system created around me or where I am part of.
  • I am rewarded directly by context based monetizing options.
  • Top down supply chains are replaced by context based long tail ad-hoc food chains, catering for Itomic needs. Each one of us can become a supplier, distributor, marketer or consumer in these food chains in direct relation to their place in the ecosystem.
  • I am rewarded in the same way other participants in that food chain are rewarded, with direct relevance to my value in that food chain.
  • It creates context based marketplaces where ad-hoc seamless food chains are created and disintegrated .
  • Individuals, corporates, communities wil lcreate suites of tools, apps and food chains generators to empower this context based economy.

Such a  framework can empower Contextonomics – a context based economy.

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