Google’s Nexus one – a brilliant lesson in laying golden eggs marketing

2010 January 7

Google’s elegant move into the mobile device market is a model for web fabric based business model. Google lays the foundation for the Googlization of everything, and on its plate today – the mobile web.

 The business model chosen by Google for the launch of its mobile phone, Nexus One, disrupts the traditional business model for mobile devices, currently mostly carrier dependent and in the carrier’s home ground.

It is web meets phone, meets me, at Google’s party.

 It shifts sales to the web, where I, the consumer, enter the arena built for me by Google, where all offerings are displayed for me and where I can directly buy Nexus One from Google’s web site (presumably to be followed by other models, devices, apps), and then pick from the site whatever carrier suits me best, all gradually aligned there, as Google expands its geographical reach.

To paraphrase Jeff Jarvis, WWGD (what would Google do)? It is doing, step by step, connecting the dots and laying the foundations for gaining dominance in the next phase of the mobile web market, paradigm shift in mobile marketing, towards the next evolutionary stage of the mobile web.

Google creates an intuitive web business. A disruptive move of putting me, the consumer, at the center of the mobile purchase interaction, with Google building a one stop shop marketplace. Eventually it will be me and in the arena displayed to me – carriers, mobile phones, apps, accessories, sellers- where every provider has to lure me and compete for my attention, to choose what suits me best, based on my geographical location, carrier availability and other priority considerations I might have.

Let the games begin!

I want a smart phone? Google serves the whole meal. It brings it closer to me, by offering it on the web – in its site. It brings the carriers to me – so no matter with whom I bond, it is under Google’s scrutiny – and, cream of the crop – it brings the web to me. From the looks of Nexus One interface and apps –it all spells  a total merry-web-go-round experience.

It is not really about the dominance of the Iphone over the Googephone, or vice versa, or offering best carrier deals. It is about Google’s stronghold, step by step, over all aspects of mobile web surfing. Getting into the mobile smart phone business is a platform for enhancing mobile web usage, and in an increasing returns spiral, strengthening Android, Google’s operating system.

An emerging trend in mobile web business is Going Local. Google is there, ready with its troops – local searches, local ads (why else did Google acquire AdMob?), an Android based free open source developers’ platform – just build on top of it – the more – the merrier.

Google enhances its stronghold in the emerging mobile phone( the web at my finger tips wherever I go)  and location based searches and apps, opening an additional increasing return markets to its ad based core web business, by empowering a combination of ad and search based mobile markets. When these markets reach mainstream, Google will already be strongly engraved in its DNA.

Is Big Brother stretching its limbs? Google is definitely  preparing the yellow brick road towards its octopus like web based dominance strategy, the software  equivalent of Intel‘s  hardware based Intel Inside®  strategy.

It is a marketing platform for Gen Buy, Netizens, born into a web culture, which will gracefully yield into this intricate spider web.  The x, y, z generations are the natural customers for Google’s web platform, and the obvious early adopters of the mobile web, local web and augmented reality offerings. For them buying a mobile device over the web is no hassle, as they are intuitive to the modus operandi of smart phones and their apps.

It would be less natural to expect boomers and people for whom touching the device and experimenting first hand, overcoming technophobia and feeling comfortable, user friendliness, is a more decisive factor in the buying experience. Those, if at all, will be the late mainstream stratum that Google counts on.

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